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Dominations – Tips, cheats and much more

dominations hackSo you are looking to improve your performance in Dominations and you have found our article. Not only will this article give you some useful tips and advice but we also provide access to our online hack generator via the buttons at the top and bottom of this article. Maybe some of your competitors who are building mighty nations are already amongst the thousands of subscribers already using our risk free online generator safe in the knowledge that it requires no risky downloads.

Dominations is an MMO strategy (massively multiplayer online) game for iOS and Android devices. It is similar to many PC MMO strategies as players build their bases, upgrade sectors of their nation (defense, economy, military, and workshop) and fight against other nations. An update that came in December of 2015 brought an expansion of alliances; to be exact the World War was introduced (two alliances fighting against each other). There are many buildings to be built for each sector and there are 5 resources that can be gathered (one of them is Crown which is a resource that can be bought for money).

Tricks for better gameplay 

Every strategy game has some tricks better players figure out before others and they use them to climb the leader board.  No matter whether you are using DomiNations gold hack or not, you will need these tricks so you can create a powerful nation.

dominations tips

  1. Some wonders increase defense so you should aim at using them if you like to play defensively. Best defensive wonder in this game is Acropolis.
  2. Building a square wall might look nice, but from a strategically point of view, it is a bad move. Be sure to add several layers of the wall so the enemy soldiers can’t rush toward your important buildings. Keep the less important building outside as they will serve as decoys for the enemy.
  3. If the defense is your passion, then play with Japan as they have a great boost for the defense. Other nations have no boosts for the defense.
  4. Clear forests whenever and wherever you want. This will give you the space for your buildings and they will also give you some goodies as you clean them.
  5. If you see the high-level players base and their Town Center is placed outside of the walls you might think that it is a bad thing, but think again. The most important aspect of this game is resources and that is why they should be guarded by the walls, and the Town Center takes up the space inside of the wall.
  6. There is no right way to position the buildings but it is smart to place the buildings where they will have some bonuses from wonders.

DomiNations Hack Tool

Dominations, like many other mobile device games, is a “freemium” game, which means that it is free to play, but if you spend money for special resource (in the case of this game the resource is called Crown) then you will be able to progress more rapidly than any other player, no matter the amount of time invested in the game. That is why we have created a cheat tool that is able to give you resources that are necessary to keep up with those players that pay for Crowns.

DomiNations Online Generator is a hack tool that we are proud to present. Most important thing about this hack tool is that it is safe to use as you will not risk the ban from the game. This generator uses scripts that protect it from detection, so with a careful use, no one will doubt you even though you are developing your nation with incredible speed.

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With the use of this hack, you will climb the leader board and you will be able to face-off against players that spend hundreds of dollars on this game. If you want this tool you can get it for no cost from our page. You will find instructions on how to install and how to use the domiNations hack tool on that page as well. Once you go through instructions (or before that, but we do advise on reading them) you will see a download button that will (once you click on it) automatically download this hack tool to your device.

Our DomiNations Hack will enable you to boost your game profile. As it is stated in the name of the hack, it provides an unlimited number of Crowns, gold and food to your game. All you need to do is to input the numbers for how much of each resource you want and the tool will do the rest.

But do note, no matter how many resources you add, a good strategy is also important. When you raise your nation to its peak you will face other nations on the same level and in those fights strategy and tactical prowess will be a deciding factor.

DomiNations Tips & Cheats

There are some tips that will help you raise your nation with the minimum risk of being defeated time after time (this will happen even though you use our hack).

Don’t ever upgrade all of your towers at once. While they are under upgrade they will not fire on the enemies and therefore your defense will be weaker. The same goes for attacking as well. If an enemy has several towers that are upgrading his defense will be weaker and you will lose fewer forces in the attack.

Workers are important units in your nations as they build it up. As long as you are online keep them busy. If you don’t have anything to build then upgrade something and if there is nothing to upgrade, well there are resources you can’t get through any hack, so use those workers.

dominations tricks

The most important thing for your nation is buildings as they represent the overall power of your nation. Once you enter an age you should start upgrading them all before you do anything else. As you have unlimited resources you will be able to upgrade them fairly fast (without the DomiNations hack tool you wouldn’t be able to do that).

Whether you use this hack to become the best on the server or you simply use it to keep up with players that spend money, you should always try to enjoy the game. Too many resources may spoil the pleasure of playing this great MMO strategy, but it is eventually up to you. Just remember, the most important thing is to have fun while playing this game.

So now you know what it takes to progress in Dominations why not give yourself an advantage and get the extra resources you require by clicking on the button below to obtain access to our dominNations hack. With no download needed this is a risk free way to compliment your skills and speed your progress through the game.

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